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Do I have a sexually transmitted infection?

If you’re worried you’ve caught a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI), you won’t be alone. STIs, which are also known as STDs (sexually transmitted diseases), are very common.

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Reproductive health

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12 February 2024  •  4 m read

Marie Stopes Engaged Members of Parliament on SMRH Bill

Sierra Leone’s Safe Motherhood and Reproductive Health (SMRH) Bill has been a longstanding commitment for Marie…

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22 January 2024  •  3 m read

Marie Stopes Sierra Leone Celebrate WISH Project Close Out

WISH Project aimed to provide comprehensive SRH services, enhance family planning initiatives, and reduce maternal…

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4 July 2023  •  2 m read

Rain Season Koba-Klos Saamba Launch Statement 4th July 2023

Rain Season Koba-Klos Saamba campaign – improving women’s wellness and strengthening our healthcare system.

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3 June 2023  •  3 m read

Marie Stopes Sierra Leone to Address the Gap in Women’s Healthcare Support and Information

Our goal is to ensure all women and girls in Sierra Leone have access to trustworthy, accurate and…

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5 October 2022  •  6 m read

Press Statement, Back To School Promotion 2022

Marie Stopes Sierra Leone (MSSL) launches ‘Back-to-School (B2S) 2022 Promo’.

Help and advice

26 September 2022  •  3 m read

What is cervical cancer screening?

A cervical smear test is a way to check up on the health of your cervix – the entrance to your womb (uterus),…

Help and advice

26 September 2022  •  4 m read

Is my vaginal discharge normal?

Every woman has vaginal discharge. Healthy discharge is not only completely normal, but also necessary. And, if…

Help and advice

31 August 2022  •  1 m read

Should I be worried about cervical cancer?

Did you know that most women get an HPV infection shortly after they start having sex? This infection is the cause…

Help and advice

15 August 2022  •  1 m read

What you need to know about STI screening and management

Are you feeling some discomfort down there? An unusual itch, a not so normal discharge, you might be experiencing…

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