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MSI Sierra Leone is a leading network of caring professionals delivering sexual and reproductive health services, from menstruation to menopause.

Our services

Contraception and family planning

We offer a wide range of short and long term contraception and family planning methods.

Services available

Sexual reproductive health

Screening and treatment to keep your reproductive system healthy, including STI testing and treatment, cervical cancer screening, fertility counselling and gynaecology consultations.

Services available

Find the best contraceptive method for you

Our online contraception counsellor will help you understand the best contraception methods for you based on your lifestyle, preferences and medical circumstances.

  • Personalised advice in a few minutes
  • Tailored pros and cons for each method
  • Ability to compare different methods

About us

Marie Stopes Sierra Leone is the largest Non-Governmental Organization providing Family Planning, Ultrasound Scan, Laboratory and Sexual Reproductive Health Services in Sierra Leone.